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Appliances repair Dubai
Appliances repair Dubai

Appliances repair Dubai

Appliances repair Dubai is an easy and money saving way to do when we have problems with our appliances. Buying new may come into our minds but if your appliance can still work when someone fixes it then it would still a great decision to choose for. Instead of spending too much money just to buy new, we can just look for the professional home appliances repair services in Dubai so we can have our items be fixed and save money at the same time.
Home appliances has a lot of advantages in our daily life and one thing that must ensure is that it should work properly at all times but we can be in the situation where we really don’t know what’s that problem of our appliances and we don’t have any idea on how we can able to fix it. With this, our team is here and they can assist you in any issues of your appliances whether it is television, refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking range and etc. You can depend on our team for the appliances repair Dubai 24/7.
When looking for someone you can trust, our team which is from Amana repair services will make sure that they are capable to fix your appliances at all times. We are quite long time providing this service here in UAE and with our experience, we are very confident that we can provide you the best and affordable appliances repair Dubai.

What We Do !

Washing Machine Repair Dubai

Washing machine repair Dubai is available on us if you are experiencing problems with it. We can fix it at the shortest time as we have professional washing machine technician in Dubai . We can repair any kind of washing machine and ensures that it will work properly when you need it. Washing machine at home can provide convenience on our daily life. It becomes an essential appliance on every home. Instead of doing the hand washing, you can feel more productive and assured when you use washing machine.
Nowadays, you can also see some washing machine that has dryer on it and it makes the work easier because once the clothes are already washed, you can just easily put it in the dryer so it will not take a long time for to dry and use it all.
What type of washing machine are you currently using? Is it the front loading, portable or top loading or maybe the washer dryer combo? If one of these is the one you are currently using then you can depend on us anytime when there will be problems in the future.

For front loading washers, it has a large capacity that allows you to load a lot of items especially the bulky items such as comforters or big blankets and sofa cover. It can be also installed with dryers so that you can also save time and money. You can save time since with just few press, you can already wash the items inside and you can save money instead of buying separate dryer. But of course, our washing machine can be tired too and there are times that we can encounter problems such as leaks whenever you are using it, draining issues, smelly clothes, not opening doors, it won’t start and a lot more.

Washing Machine Repair  Dubai
Washing Machine Repair Dubai

When you experience these things, the best way is to look for the washing machine repair in Dubai. You can have your front loading washers to be useful again and work on its great condition again once you hire professionals that can repair it. Another type of washing machine is the portable washers which is very perfect to put on your laundry room. If you only have a small house then this is for you. It comes with both electrical and manual modes of portable washers. It is usually use in every apartment or any small house as it is not that space consuming. You can just put it anywhere you want to put it. You just put it anywhere as long as you have an access to the water or for the draining. Just like the front load washing machine, we could also experience some issues while using it and you are in that situation, you can trust us for the washing machine repair in Dubai. We also have the Top loading washing machine which is less expensive and also ergonomically friendly. It’s worth it to invest in this type of appliances which can be also helpful to us. Broken washing machine can make us upset and keep on thinking how we could wash our clothes properly. Looking for washing machine repair in Dubai is easy but to know and look for the best technician that offers the best services. Just like Amana, we highly believe that our experiences are enough to provide you the finest, easiest and affordable washing machine repair in Dubai.

AC repair Dubai

AC repair Dubai must look for when you experience even single problems with your air conditioning system; home or office. When looking for the trusted AC repair in Dubai, you must always keep on your mind these important characteristics of a good appliances repair shop in Dubai . These are the experience, cost of service, customer care services, and availability of the business.
For the experience, of course it’s a must. We should looking for an AC repair Dubai that has long experiences in fixing or repairing any kind of furniture and appliances at home. It is very important to know if the company you will hiring is on the field of industry for a long time so that you can compare it to the other company that provides this AC repair Dubai services too. With this, you can easily compare on which one you should choose but you must also take note that it is not just the characteristics you must look for. Another is the cost of their service for AC repair in Dubai. We all want to save money especially that if we consider on hiring professional instead of buying new appliances. At Amana repair services, you can have your AC fully repaired for a short period of time.

AC repair Dubai
AC repair Dubai

You must also look for the company that has great relationship with their customers. Being comfortable on getting services from a trusted company makes us to get more from them. Just like our organization that provides AC repair Dubai, we make sure that our clients can get the proper assistance and best relationship from our professional staffs. We also ensure that we will prioritize the service that they will get from us so that they will be satisfied with our work.
Availability is also important. If you already have target date of your relocation, you must look for the company that can do the AC repair Dubai on time. It is because these appliances are very much needed on our homes so it’s definitely a must to invest on that company especially if it us, Amana repairing services.
Do you have broken Air conditioners on your home or office? Hire us now for the AC repair Dubai.

Refrigerator Repair Dubai

Refrigerator repair Dubai is the best solution to the issues that you are experiencing with your refrigerator. Maintaining the quality of our appliances at home is a must. Are you feeling stress with your refrigerator? Repairing enables them to save money rather than buying new items and if you need refrigerator repair Dubai, you can trust Amana for that.
We are experts in fixing any type and brands of refrigerators; top freezer, side-by-side, bottom-freezer, French door, counter-depth, the mini fridge and the very popular smart refrigerator.

Refrigerator Repair  Dubai
Refrigerator Repair Dubai

For French door, its refrigerator is on top while its freezer is on the bottom which means you open the freezer while keeping the refrigerator close and vice versa. If the freezer is positioned on the top and the refrigerator is on the bottom then it is called the bottom freeze refrigerator. Mini refrigerator is also good to have on our bedrooms. Whenever you feel hungry even on midnight, you can just open your refrigerator and look for the food that you want to eat. If you want the trendy type of refrigerator then you can have the touch screen refrigerator which is very common in today’s generation. Refrigerator is very useful especially that it has a lot of storage. You can ensure that your food will be fully organized but what if our French door have some issues and not work properly? It can happen anytime at the most unexpected time. If we are storing almost all of our foods on our refrigerator then it is really stressful that we cannot use and will also cause food spoilage which we also don’t want to happen and this is why Amana is here to assist you in repairing refrigerator in Dubai.
If you are encountering problems with your refrigerator such as leaking water, the dispenser doesn’t working, have excessive sounds, or if it constantly cycling then you might already need the refrigerator repair Dubai.
For our refrigerator repair Dubai, it includes the tools in fixing it like screwdrivers, flaring tools, brazing torch, copper tube bender, wrench, plier, nut drivers and etc.
We have the proper repairing supplies as we offer very affordable refrigerator repair Dubai.

Fridge Repair Dubai

Fridge repair in Dubai is also available from Amana repairing services. They can be your best choice when it comes to the quality of fixing appliances in Dubai and on other locations. Fridge is very important in storing our food so it won’t get any bacteria that can cause health problems to us. We can easily put our food to preserve its freshness such as meat, fish, cake, vegetables, fruits, juices and other items that needs to be inside of the fridge.

Fridge Repair Dubai
Fridge Repair Dubai

We can small fridge that we can put on our bedroom and also we can buy a bigger one for your kitchen. If you want the trendy fridge then the smart refrigerator is the best fit for you.
At Amana, you don’t have to worry about anything because we are here to assist you if time comes that you will have a problem for your appliances. We are here to provide you the fridge repair Dubai so you can make sure that you can able to use it for a long time since we can also maintain it in its good condition.
Our professional technicians from Amana can guarantee you that you can have the best service in relation to fridge repair Dubai. They have the right tools that are required to fix it. We have the screwdriver, brush for cleaning, nut driver, vacuum, wrench and etc. When you contact us, you can choose whether you can take your fridge on our store and if you don’t have enough time, you can still acquire it from us as our team can provide home services for the fridge repair Dubai.

Dishwasher repair Dubai
Dishwasher Repair Dubai

Dishwasher Repair Dubai

Dishwasher repair Dubai is a must when you notice some problems on your dishwasher whether it is old or new. Are you looking for the best appliances repair shop in Dubai? There’s no need to look for other shops because Amana is here to assist you with that. Our team is very proficient in fixing any kind of issues of dishwashers.
Why Amana is the best to choose for dishwasher repair Dubai? Well, we are sure that this question is also on your mind as you read this so we will enlighten you on why you should definitely choose our team for the dishwasher repair Dubai.

Amana is equipped with technicians that are experts in repairing not only dishwashers but other home appliances such as television, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, cooking range, microwave oven and etc. Our team will make sure that you can have your appliances work again in a short period of time since they are knowledgeable in fixing these appliances. For dishwasher repair in Dubai, we know how valuable this is for every resident here in UAE so we assure that we can provide solution to their problems 24/7 when they have problems with their dishwashers.
We don’t just assist our customers here but our dishwasher repair Dubai is also available to get from other places like Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah and on other locations.
Does your dishwasher have problems while working? Contact us for the checking and for dishwasher repair Dubai.

Gas Stove Repair in Dubai

Gas stove repair in Dubai is still considerable when you encounter problems with your stove on your home. You may experience a lot of problems with your gas stove and we don’t have any idea on when it can happen. This is why we also need to make sure that there is someone we can call on when we are in these situations.
If your burners won’t light then our team can be a great help. The reasons of why this thing is happening is usually because of portholes are being clogged or the lights have been extinguished but sometimes we don’t have any idea on what its problem so if your burner isn’t working then you can directly contact us so we can check it right away.
Do you smell too much glass on your gas stove? If yes then it can also a problem where you will also need gas stove repair in Dubai. We can check what’s wrong with it and provide a solution on it so you can able to cook without worrying the bad smell of your gas stove.

Gas Stove Repair in Dubai
Gas Stove Repair in Dubai

Electronics Repair Dubai

Electronics repair Dubai that Amana repairing services provides has its own process but we make sure that the fulfillment of our valued customers is what we prioritizing. Our passion in fixing different home appliances will make you feel happy and satisfied especially that we are offering it for a very affordable price.
Our electronics repair Dubai covers a lot of household appliances like television which we really enjoy on using it when watching movies/series with our family, listening to music and etc. If you happen to have problems on it such as no sounds, keep on shutting down, no picture or if it has lines or cracks then you can contact Amana for the electronics repair Dubai.

Electronics Repair Dubai
Electronics Repair Dubai

You can also encounter some problems with your refrigerator like water leakage from it, too noisy, water dispensers isn’t working and sometimes we don’t have idea on the problem and the only thing that you must do is to ask help from professionals that provides electronics repair Dubai.
We can also assist you for your washing machine on your home. Whether you have top loading or front loading then it is also included in our electronics repair Dubai. If you notice that your washing machine is making too much sounds, won’t spin, drain or if it keeps on stopping then you can contact our team with that.
Amana is then top leading appliances repair shop in Dubai that can provide repairing services not only for television, washing machine or refrigerator but they can likewise help you in fixing your home appliances like microwave oven, water heater, dishwasher, blender, mixer, toaster, coffee maker, pressure cooker, vacuum, electric kettle and a lot more.
To make sure that your appliances at home are on the right condition, feel free to contact us for the maintenance and electronics repair Dubai.

AC Maintenance Dubai

AC maintenance Dubai is also obtainable on us. We don’t just repair but we can also do the proper care of your Air conditioners in all over UAE.
For your home, AC is very important to have most especially that we have too hot temperature here so having this on our whole house is definitely a requirement. It provides comfort on us as we can feel refresh and we can sure sleep better when we have this on our room. It can also ensure that we can reduce the possibility of being sick or getting health problems that can caused by the constant changing of temperature.
Same as for offices here in UAE, having air conditioning system are also important. It can’t just maintain the temperature and good ambiance of your place but it can provide comfort to your employees and guests. It can also maintain the efficiency of your other appliances or equipment inside. Your staffs can work productively as they are comfortable in their workplace.
To ensure that your AC will work at all times, our team from Amana repairing services can give the proper AC maintenance Dubai. No need to worry if you have centralized, wall mounted split, cassette, or the ducted split type of AC systems because we can maintain it properly.
We are the best air conditioning maintenance in Dubai and we can be your partner at all times. If you have problems with your AC systems, we’re just one call away to fix it. We can be your regular partner for the AC maintenance Dubai.

AC Maintenance Dubai
AC Maintenance Dubai

Home Appliances Repair in Dubai

Home appliances repair in Dubai is way cheaper buying new items when they get broken. You can easily contact professionals for the appliances repair in Dubai so that you won’t need to spend a lot of money in purchasing and just putting the broken one to the storage room.
When we have broken items at home, we always want it to be fixed easily and same goes for the household appliances when becomes broken, we should also try on looking for the home appliances repair in Dubai who will fix them and make it work again. These appliances are very valuable to every member of the house. They can make your house to look more complete and not only that, it can make your life easier than doing the manual work. Example is by having washing machine at home, it really provide convenience as we can use it in washing our clothes fast and well-cleaned. You don’t have to do the hand washing of clothes anymore because your washing machine and dryer can be your partner. You can also use this for a long time and you shouldn’t worry when time comes that you will experience some problems on it because you can hire professionals for the home appliances repair in Dubai.

Home Appliances Repair in Dubai
Home Appliances Repair in Dubai

Based on the statistics that was Statista, it was said that the number of users of household appliances in the world is expected to be at 1.85B by 2024. This might be because of people mostly preferred to use a lot of appliances to make their way of life easier. Why do we need to do the hand washing when we can buy washing machine that we can use for a long time? This is also why home appliances repair in Dubai are very popular as people find these items very useful. Appliances technicians in Dubai repair your household appliances. They are experts in any kind of appliances and you can get this service from Amana that offers home appliances repair in Dubai.

Cooking Range Repair in Dubai
Cooking Range Repair in Dubai

Cooking Range Repair in Dubai

Cooking range repair in Dubai is also part of the services that offers by Amana, a professional repair shop company that is very proficient in repairing appliances in all over United Arab Emirates. Cooking range has 3 types and these are gas cooking range, electric and the induction. Anything you can choose from these three can provide you convenience when preparing your food daily. You can even save time as it has a lot of space that you can use in cooking your favorite dishes. It may differ in prices but once you have this on your home, cooking becomes easier.
There are circumstances that we can notice that there are problems with our cooking range and if you are on this situation, you must look for a professional that knows how to fix do the cooking range repair in Dubai. Does your cooking range burning heat slowly? Does it won’t light? How about bad odors? Are you experiencing these cases too? If yes, then you must do fast actions for that. If you are currently looking for someone that can help you then we are so proud to suggest Amana repair services that provides affordable cooking range repair in Dubai and on other locations. We are here to help you as we are experts in repairing any kind cooking range. You can contact us and we will visit your home and check your appliances. We are also bringing our tools so we can properly conduct the cooking range repair in Dubai.

Why Choose Us

Home Appliances Dubai, there are so many options for appliances repair if their product got damaged. Customers are realizing us why need to choose us, and the variations between us and others. We have the responsibility to prove the differences of our company to others with customers, and there are factors to look for when making customer decision. The last thing, we are making sure that we can solve your complaint at first and we will proceed to the appliance repair in dubai. If the customers are not satisfied on our services, we will help them to find another best services in all over dubai.

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Here we listed out some of our recent projects.


    • Yes, we will call customer before 30 minutes for the the repairing to make sure that you are available at the time, well will make the call before we are getting out of our company, it is our responsibilty.


    • Customer must be contact and check the availability of our service, if its available then we will reconfirm before 30 minutes after getting out for the work.


    • Yes, we are not only repairing appliances but also we are doing the buying and selling service n dubai. Mostly we are doing on appliances repair in dubai.


    • We are repairing all types of appliaces like, washing machine, ac, refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove, electronics repairs, cooking range, etc.. in dubai.

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